Sealant ,Tapes,Rivets Etc.

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PVC Duct Tape 50mm wide  x 20 metre Roll
Excellant for sealing internal ductwork.PVC Duct Tape 50mm wide  x 20 metre Roll Soft tape m..
Tectape XT 50mm x 25 metre roll
Tectape XT is a high performance tape sealing system which combines the best features of both ..
Tecseal 200 FR  Sealant  Single Cartridge 380cc Each
Tecseal is a  high velocity/high pressure sealant formulated from a neoprene rubber compund.In ..
Eye Bolts 8mm Dia x 70mm - Thread 30mm Long  c/w 8mm Lock nuts (per pair)
Closed- Eyes for ultimate strength , Ideal for suspending services with the Loop end fixing and spli..
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